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Enrollment closed April 2016

Enrollment is open to youth ages 14 to 16 who are currently receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, and who live in one of our service areas.

An eligible youth and parent must fill out a consent form and either mail to us or give directly to one of our local staff.

Once we receive a completed consent form, a computer will assign you to one of two groups. Your placement in these groups will be decided completely by chance, like a lottery, and will not be affected by any of your characteristics. This is a fair way to make sure that everyone who wants to has a fair chance of receiving services from the new program. The group you will be assigned to will affect the services you can access. The two groups are:

1. Usual Services Group. If you are assigned to this group, you and your family will have access to all of the services normally available through your school, state and local agencies, and community organizations. Half of the youth and families who agree to be in the study will be assigned to this group. We will provide you with a list of usually-available services that you can access in your area.

2. Program Group. If you are assigned to this group, you and your family will have access to the services provided by Arkansas PROMISE. These services will include:

  • Intensive case management provided by a PROMISE Connector
  • Monthly training for youth and families
  • Two paid work experiences for youth at a local business/employer
  • Benefits counseling and work incentives counseling
  • Case management budget to address emergency financial needs
  • Health and wellness training and support
  • Financial training and support

Parents and other family members may also be eligible for some of these services. Half of the youth and families will be assigned to this group.

The decision to participate in the study is up to you and your family. If you decide not to participate, you will still have access to usual services. You may stop participating in the study at any time by completing the PROMISE Participant Withdrawal Form and mailing it to: Philip Adams, Project Director, Arkansas PROMISE, 322 Main Street, Suite 501, Little Rock, AR 72201. There is no penalty for dropping out. Any information we collect about you before your termination request will be used for research purposes.

If you are ready to enroll in PROMISE, you can download the consent form to complete on your own, or contact someone in your area to ask questions get help with enrolling.

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